Student Life & Community

At Stanford OHS, we offer a variety of ways for our students to come together with their peers and their instructors to build lasting relationships. Students participate in an array of clubs, in-person meetups, online assemblies, educational trips, and more.

Student Clubs & Societies

Student Community

Stanford OHS offers numerous clubs and societies that appeal to a variety of different interests. New student clubs are formed each year at Stanford OHS. All clubs have a student leader and an instructor or staff sponsor. Students have the opportunity to propose new clubs.

Expect the Unexpected

At OHS, we cultivate idiosyncratic and wonderfully quirky clubs, created by students to engage their specific interests.
Science Journalism Club
This club studies new scientific research and findings, then meets as a group to discuss a single new advancement.
Origami Society
An informal discussion group, this creative club is for anyone who enjoys folding paper into works of art.
Baseball Club
This sporting club organizes online meetings for students to talk about baseball skills. Participants also organize an in-person baseball game for Graduation weekend.
Video Games Club
Students in this club enjoy playing a large variety of video games with other OHS students while learning about the state of this multimedia industry.

List of Clubs for the 2017–18 Academic Year:

App Developers Society
Art Club
Art of Memory Society
Artemis Society
Astronomy Club
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Athletics Club
Chess Club
Chinese Club
Classical Music Club
Current Events Club
Debate Club
el Círculo de mate (Spanish Club)
Entrepreneur Club
Ethics Bowl
ExploraVision Club
Flexibility and Flips
Game Development Society
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
Geopolitical Quarterly
Girl Up Club
Girls Can Code
Global Teens
Graphic Design Club
Harry Potter Club
History Club
Latin Club
Literature Club
Math Competition Club
Math Modeling Club
Middle School Science Bowl
Minority Student Alliance
Mock Stock Club
Model United Nations Club
Music Sharing/Discussion Club
Muslim Student Society
Neurodiversity Society
OHS Connector
OHS Nature Club
OHS Newspaper
OHS Public Art Club
OHS Soup Society
OHS Ultimate Frisbee
Origami Society
Philosophy of Physics Club
Photography Club
Pixel Dancers
Pixel Journal
Pixel Players
Pixel Talk
Pre-Veterinary Club
Pixel Talk
Quiz Bowl Club
Robotics Club
Science Club
Spanish Journalism Club
Stanford OHS Baseball Team
STEM Club Student Service Board
Swim Club
Tech Entrepreneurs Club (TEC)
The Competition Physics Club (tCPC)
The OHS Salon for Independent Creative Projects
The Science of Music and the Music of Science Club
Theoretical Physics Club
Virtual Reality Society

Engagement Outside of the Classroom

Meetups Are Events Hosted by OHS Families

OHS Families host in-person events for students to gather together and further the bonds they have made in classes online. Students at any enrollment level are invited to attend local meetups and join in on the fun. Some families even attend meetups while traveling!

Meetup Highlights


Meetups held in 2017


Attendees at our largest meetup
Group of student at a Meetup in New York state.

What Makes a Meetup?

Meetups come in all shapes and sizes, from backyard barbecues and viewing parties for Major League Baseball games to community service projects and destination-city excursions.

Past meetups have taken the form of a pool party and a game day in southern California, a weekend outdoors in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, a spring celebration in Boston, a visit to Elsinore Castle in Denmark, and a friendly gathering in Katsuura, Japan.
Group of students at StartUp first Meetup of 2017 in San Jose, CA.

Start Up!—Our First Meetup of the Year

Our Start Up! event kicks off the new school year by gathering Stanford OHS families in clusters around the globe on the same day, at the same time. In our largest Start Up! event to date, more than 150 people gathered across 10 locations worldwide, from California to Maine and all the way to Dubai. Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson joined the fun one year when he dropped in on our New York Start Up! event for an intimate two-hour conversation with the group.

Annual In-Person Events

School-Sponsored Events

These annual in-person events include our Splash & Homecoming Meetup, Pixel Festival, and Pixel Gathering and Graduation Weekend.

Group photo of students at MIT Splash

Splash & OHS Homecoming

Organized around MIT Splash, a weekend event for prospective MIT applicants, this OHS meetup brings more than 100 families together in Boston for a range of activities, such as museum-going, flag football, the OHS homecoming dance, visits to Microsoft NERD Center, and more.
OHS Middle School

Pixel Festival

Pixel Festival is a full-day event on the Stanford University campus. It’s a chance for students to showcase their work, go on instructor-led adventures or participate in learning hobbies, and dance the night away at the OHS Winter Formal. The event includes keynote speakers, sessions for parents to meet each other, the school administration and instructors.
Stanford OHS Graduation Weekend

Pixel Gathering and Graduation Weekend

This weekend-long gathering is a prime occasion for our extended school family to journey to Stanford University's campus and celebrate our students’ achievements.

Online Events

Halloween OHS student all

Assemblies and Happenings

All-school assemblies and other online events bring the Stanford OHS community together for celebrations and special opportunities.

Student presenting during government assembly.


These annual school-wide events—including the Club Fair, Halloween Assembly, Service Fair, and Spirit Week Assembly—celebrate our community and showcase student activities.
OHS Homeroom


Once a week, students come together in small groups with their homeroom instructors. During these half-hour meetings, they cover important school announcements, share study tips and strategies, discuss current events, and get to know each other through informal conversations.
Students presenting during an assembly online in Adobe Connect

Science Colloquium

Students present their scholarly work in our three-part Science Colloquium. Students are able to present their current experiment or research the greater community while fostering the Stanford OHS spirit of intellectual inquiry.

The Summer @ Stanford Experience

Stanford OHS

Move Beyond Online

For two weeks in August, returning and incoming Stanford OHS students gather at Stanford University for our optional residential summer program, giving students a chance to connect in person while engaging in a hands-on and enriching academic program.

Challenging and Enriching Academic Program

Summer @ Stanford offers students experiences that cannot be offered online during the school year. Hands-on, experiential learning is an important aspect of this program; we provide science laboratory courses, interdisciplinary studies, field trips, and leadership activities that foster an exemplary learning environment.

Exploring the Bay Area

As an on-campus residential program, Summer @ Stanford allows students to take advantage of the University’s rich resources. Students may visit the Cantor Arts Center, explore Stanford libraries, or hear from Stanford professors. They also get opportunities to explore the San Francisco Bay Area. Past field trips have included The Tech Museum of Innovation, the Exploratorium, the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Great Way to Get Oriented

For new Stanford OHS students, Summer @ Stanford is a great way to get oriented to the community. Incoming students participate in orientation sessions that introduce them to the virtual classroom environment; to the Stanford OHS program, curriculum, and policies; to administrative and instructional staff; and to one another. With their prospective instructors, students discuss strategies for approaching coursework in various subjects. They meet with counselors to discuss their academic plans and courses of study.

Student Travel

Educational Journey

Opportunities for travel allow Stanford OHS students to get to know one another in person while experiencing a new place or culture. See examples of school trips organized for OHS students from recent years:

Three OHS student washing clothes with a bike machine in Galapagos.
Student Travel

Galápagos Islands

On this trip led by OHS science instructors, students worked with park rangers to practice scientific research in aid of local conservation organizations. They also got a chance to engage Galapagueños and learn about life on the Islands.
Student pose on Top of The Rock in New York City.
Student Travel

Human Rights Advocacy

On this trip, students traveled to Boston and New York City to participate in a variety of seminars and forums on Indigenous issues. Students conducted interviews with indigenous politicians to collect materials and compose a newspaper article.
Looking at starts through telescope.
Student Travel

Astronomy Trip

Students traveled from the SETI Allen Array in Northern California to the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, visiting observatories at Sacramento City College, Robert Ferguson, Lick, Mt. Wilson, and Griffith along the way.

Student Government

OHS Alumni

Voice of the Student Body

The Stanford OHS Student Government plays an instrumental role in the school community. In addition to hosting assemblies and social events, Student Government contributes to discussions with the administration on policy, school projects, and issues relevant to the student body as a whole.

School-Wide Representation

In addition to the Student Body President, Vice President, and Secretary, who serve in a leadership capacity, OHS Student Government comprises two representatives from each high-school grade and two representatives from the Stanford OHS Middle School Program. These officials are elected by classmates at the beginning of each academic year.

The Student Government also includes heads of the following standing committees: Internal Review Board, Board of the Arts, Board of Club Relations, Board of Events, Board of Communications and Outreach.

Open Meetings

Meetings are held weekly and are open to all students, upholding the mission embodied in the Stanford OHS Student Government Constitution.

Meetings include:

  • planning upcoming events for students to engage with their peers, 
  • discussing pertinent student issues
  • creating proposals to discuss with the school administration

Social Projects & Events

Throughout the year, the Student Government creates the following opportunities for community engagement, entertainment, and fun:

  • Karaoke Night
  • Movie Night
  • Homecoming
  • Gingerbread House
  • Pixel Parcels Holiday Gift Exchange
  • eRoses for Valentine’s Day
  • Prom Committee
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