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2023 Grads

Joyful Connections at Pixel Gathering & Graduation Weekend 2023

"What was most enjoyable and special for me during this years Pixel Gathering and Graduation Weekend was witnessing the joyful connection happening throughout the weekend – students meeting new
friends and hugging old friends, talking with instructors, and celebrating with their friends and families. PGGW proved to be a wonderful time to see each other in person and online, while celebrating our seniors and all of our students’ accomplishments throughout the year!" - Dr. Tracy Steele, Director of Student Affairs
Alumni Gathering

Alums Reconnect in the Pixel Alumni Community

Stanford OHS alums and staff members gathered for an informal conversation about life after graduation. From recent grads discussing university life, to seasoned workplace reflections, our alums agreed that a Stanford OHS education well prepared them for life after high school.
Latin Delegation

Stanford OHS Latin Delegation Earns Accolades

The Stanford OHS delegation took home a number of awards including third place in the "Project Runway" competition, plus recognition for academic achievement on exams and arts, plus individual awards.
Exoplanet Watch

Astrobiology Students Analyze Exoplanets for NASA

Stanford OHS Astrobiology students uploaded their analysis of the exoplanets they observed to the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) Exosite, from which it was scraped by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Exoplanet Watch Citizen Science initiative.
Startup Club

Startup Incubator Club Team Members Win the Conrad Challenge!

A huge congratulations to Stanford OHS students Sumi K., Keshav N., and Andrew M. who developed an innovative solar cell solution that allows for improved light absorbance and a high-efficient energy storage mechanism.

Balancing Act: Online School and Olympic Training

How do you juggle the rigors of high school with a career as a professional athlete? For three Stanford Online High Schoolers, it’s about planning ahead. Here they share how they balanced online learning with intense training:
Stanford OHS grads

Graduation Celebration!

For the first time in three long years, Pixels met together in-person from around the world to celebrate the class of 2022 during Pixel Gathering and Graduation Weekend.
Pixel Space

Pixel Goes to Space!

Stanford OHS students and instructors, led by Dr. Kalee Tock, launched the school's character Pixel into the atmosphere via a weather balloon.

Alums Return to Pixel Gathering and Graduation

A group of recent Stanford OHS alumni returned to Pixel Gathering and Graduation Weekend to share wisdom and reflect back on their time as Pixels.