You’ve decided that Stanford OHS is a good fit for you. Here’s how you can apply to join our school. 

2018-2019 Application Now Available

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January 2018: Due to our upcoming Round One deadline, we are receiving a large volume of communication. We will do our best to get back to each inquiry as soon as possible. 

Steps to Apply

The application process is the same for all students, regardless of enrollment status. 

1. Choose Your Round

Which Round is Right for You?

  • The school’s master schedule takes into consideration the time constraints of Round One applicants. The time constraints of Round Two applicants may not be considered in the final schedule, so it may be difficult for those applicants to attend certain courses.
  • If you are seeking for financial aid, we strongly recommend applying in Round One. There will be limited financial aid available in Round Two.
  • Space in the school may be limited for Round Two applicants.

Application Period

Submission Date

Decision Notification

Financial Aid


Summer @ Stanford

Round One (Priority)

January 18, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT

March 2018


Time constraints considered


Round Two

March 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT

Early May 2018 


No guarantee of time constraints considered

Not Eligible 

Please Note: Applicants denied admission in Round One cannot reapply in Round Two.

2. Understand Your Enrollment Options & Admission Outcomes

Stanford OHS has full-time, part-time, single course options to ensure students can tailor their academic experience. Explore our enrollment options and admission outcomes to see which is best for you. Please note: the status you indicate in your application is not binding. 

3. Start Your Online Application

Create a Stanford OHS application account using the link above. 

4. Plan for Your National Standardized Test

Required of all applicants: Single Course, Part-Time, and Full-Time

Review the standardized testing information for age-appropriate tests and choose a test that fits your timeline. Please be aware of limited test dates and up to one-month score reporting times. For Round Two applicants for the 2018-2019 cycle, we recommend scheduling a test date in February 2018, as a test date in early March may not return results before our Round Two deadline on March 16th. 

5. Connect With Your Current School’s Advisor or Guidance Counselor

Part-Time and Single Course Applicants Only

If you plan to supplement an existing curriculum with a Stanford OHS course or courses, be sure to understand your school’s policy on credit from outside institutions, especially regarding graduation requirements.

6. Select Your Recommenders

All applicants to Stanford OHS must submit at least two recommendation forms (one Humanities/Social Science teacher and one Math/Science teacher). Think about the teachers who pushed you to do excellent work, and be sure to give them ample time complete your form. The best recommendations don’t always come from teachers in the courses in which you have scored well.

7. Complete Our Online Application

A complete application consists of the following:

  • Application Form
  • Academic records (transcripts from this year and the past two years—unofficial copies acceptable)
  • Standardized examination results (unofficial copies acceptable)
  • “Stanford OHS 5” short-answer responses
  • Essays (one 300 words, one 250-400 words)
  • One sample of analytical writing. Work samples must have been completed within the past year and demonstrate a student’s best effort.
  • Two recommendation letters (one Humanities/Social Science and one Math/Science).
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Application fee: $100 USD

8. Applicants to Grades 7 and 8: Schedule your Video Conference Interview

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only applicants who apply by December 1, 2017 will be guaranteed an interview via online webinar platform. Applicants who submit a complete application after December 2, 2017, will be offered an interview on a space-available basis. Applicants and their families will be required to be on camera for the interview. You can only schedule an interview once you have submitted your application.

NOTE: Recommendations and test scores do not need to be submitted until the admission deadline in January. Interviews are not required.

9. Check your Application Status

Return to the Application Status and Materials Checklist page to make sure all of your application materials have been submitted. When your admissions decision is ready, you will receive an email notification and log into this page.

International and Homeschooled Applicants

Students living outside the United States or who are homeschooled should reference our resources page for answers to common questions.