Stanford OHS Students sitting in group.

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Stanford OHS creates an incredible environment through its unique education model and strives to offer more robust opportunities to students through the Annual Fund.

Thank You, Annual Fund

Mount Wilson Observatory Research Trip

The OHS Annual fund sponsored Kalée Tock to attend many conferences, making it possible for her to incorporate current research into her astrophysics course. Attendance at conferences also facilitates the formation of connections with astronomers and researchers who are now supporting OHS students in their spring seminar astrophysics research projects. The conferences Kalée was able to attend in spring of 2019 included Mt. Wilson Observatory in Pasadena, the Society for Astronomical Sciences in Ontario, California, and the NASA Citizen Science conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Giving to Stanford OHS

Summer at Stanford 2019

As we travel along our educational path, we are grateful for our unique and amazing school that brings out the best in our students. All of our paths are remarkable and inspiring and allow our students to make a difference in our community. Our students experience a rich intellectual education that enables students to be great citizens of the world.


Route OHS: Margin of Excellence

All funds are put towards enhancing student’s experience both academically and socially. We do not use the annual fund to bridge tuition gaps. 

Funding Priorities

To improve the OHS experience for our students, instructors, and staff by providing supplemental funding for three key areas:

Expand Professional Development
Supporting instructors in their ongoing pursuit of academic expertise and pedagogy, through increased funding for research and participation in conferences and workshops.

Promote Curriculum Innovation
Providing time and resources for instructors to create new courses, further develop existing courses, and collaborate across disciplines.

Enhance Student Life
Strengthening the vibrant OHS community through financial support for clubs, competitions, international trips, meetups, and other key in-person events.

    Matching Fund

    The Annual Fund campaign includes a matching fund from OHS families that provides a dollar-for-dollar match for new and increased donations. The match is made for each donation by a new donor this year who did not participate last year, as well as a match for every dollar given by a previous donor in excess of their total gift last year. Help us earn the matching fund!

    Giving Levels

    Giga Pixel = $25,000 and up
    Mega Pixel = $10,000–$24,999
    Pixel Premium = $5,000–$9,999
    Pixel Power = $2,500–$4,999
    Pixel Partner = $1,000–$2,499
    Pixel Pride = $1–$999

    Ways to Give

    Stanford University is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your gift may be tax deductible.

    Give Online

    There is now an option to make a recurring gift by credit card.

    Give by Phone

    • Call 650-724-0627, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.
    • Specify that your gift is for:
      Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies—Online High School.

    Give by Mail

    • Personal Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order are accepted.
    • Mail your gift to Gift Processing, P.O. Box 20466, Stanford, CA 94309.
    • Make all checks payable to Stanford University and include Stanford Online High School as the gift designation.

    Employer Matching. Did you know?

    Many employers will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Request a matching gift form from your employer and send it completed and signed with your gift. The benefit of your gift to Stanford OHS may be doubled or possibly tripled.

    Annual Fund Committees

    The Annual Fund is a volunteer, parent-led initiative. This year, we have a great parent committee representing every grade level, enrollment status, and those from all across the world.

    Parent Committee

    • Suma Nulu and Melissa Huml,  Co-Chairs
    • Pourya Dehnadi
    • Stephanie Lynch
    • Arvinder Oswal
    • Natasha Romagnoli
    • Florin Sandru
    • Meera Scarrow
    • Susan Smith
    • Roben Stikeman
    • Helen Tung
    • Laura Tussing
    • Meera Venkataraman
    • Megan Wiese
    • Michelle Wright
    • Anneliese Wyler

    School Committee

    • Dr. Tomohiro Hoshi, Head of School
    • Josh Carlson, Director of Business Operations
    • Meg Lamont, Assistant Head of School
    • Shifra Light, Financial Analyst
    • Karina Momary, Director of Student Life and Community
    • Louise Schultze, Marketing and Outreach Specialist
    • Jonathan Weil, Division Head of Core

    We are grateful for your support and no gift is too small. Many hands make a miracle!