Stanford OHS Summer 2021

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Stanford Online High School's unique education model creates more robust opportunities for students, instructors, and staff through the Annual Fund.

Donate to the Annual Fund

To donate, visit the Stanford Giving site. Please note, you DO NOT need to log in, create a Stanford Pass account, or make a pledge via the first link to make a donation.


Supporting Our Global Community

All funds are put towards enhancing student’s experience both academically and socially.

We do not use the Annual Fund to bridge tuition gaps. 

Purpose of Annual Fund Donations:

  • Support Student Life initiatives for students
  • Encourage curriculum innovation 
  • Promote professional development for instructors and staff

This Year's Campaign Goal: 100% Participation

We encourage every family and employee to contribute and make a donation to the Annual Fund at any level. Every single donation – whether $10 or $10,000 – will demonstrate support towards Stanford OHS, and an appreciation for the unique education that our students receive.

Ways to Give

Stanford University is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your gift may be tax deductible.

Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation Today

Give by Phone

  • Call 650-724-0627, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.
  • Specify that your gift is for:
    Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies—Online High School.

Give by Mail

  • Personal Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order are accepted.
  • Mail your gift to Gift Processing, P.O. Box 20466, Stanford, CA 94309.
  • Make all checks payable to Stanford University and include Stanford Online High School as the gift designation.

Stocks and Securities

The most common methods for securities donations are listed with instructions on this Stanford Giving page. Ask the Gift Securities team to direct the gift to the Stanford Online High School Gift Fund (GAAVG). 

Please note that stocks and securities gifts must be received in Stanford’s brokerage account by close of business on December 31 to qualify as a charitable donation this tax year.

Wire Transfer

Please view this document for custom instructions on how to send a gift to the Stanford OHS Annual Fund via Wire or ACH transfer. Please email ​​ with the indicated details. We ask that you copy on the email to also notify our business office of your gift. 

A Culture of Giving

The Stanford OHS community believes in the power of giving back. This year's Annual Fund campaign is about participation and support for the school at whatever giving level is meaningful for your family. Every gift makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Employer Matching: Did you know?

Many employers will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Request a matching gift form from your employer and send it completed and signed with your gift. The benefit of your gift to Stanford OHS may be doubled or possibly tripled.

How Donations are Used

Annual Fund donations directly impact Stanford OHS students, instructors, and staff by providing additional funding for professional development, curriculum innovation, and building our student community. Click to see more examples of how your donations impact our global community.
Robotics 2021

Enhance Student Life

The Annual Fund sponsored the Stanford OHS Robotics Club, the Knights of Ni, in attending robotics tournaments such as FTC San Mateo Qualifying Tournament where they earned the Control Award 1st Place, and ranked 4th in robot performance. The Control Award is given to a team that uses sensors and software to enhance the robot's functionality on the field, and that demonstrates innovative thinking in the control system to solve game strategies.

"We were extremely happy that we received the Control Award since that is the main focus of our team this year," said Stanford OHS senior Andrew C. "We really strove to implement systems to make our robot more reliable and easier to drive and control. I am so happy and proud of what our team has achieved this year through collaboration, especially during the pandemic."

Curriculum Innovation

This year, the Annual Fund supported the development of new curricula including Pixelia Publishing, a collaboration between Stanford OHS instructors, alumni, and students to edit and publish books. "Bath: An Adumbration in Rhyme. A Critical Edition for Readers of Jane Austen," is the work of English teacher Ben Wiebracht, and seven Stanford OHS students and recent alumni. Taking the late-eighteenth-century poem by the minor poet John Matthews, they created a new edition which includes a richly annotated text of the poem, as well as an introduction that situates the book in relation to Austen’s life and career. The Annual Fund helped cover the cost to publish hard-copies of the book and allow our students, alumni, and instructors to be published authors and editors!

Professional Development

Our instructors and staff pursue professional development opportunities each year. As an example, the Stanford OHS Admissions team attends the Enrollment Management Association Annual Conference annually. At this conference, the team learns about industry insights, best practices for enrollment, international student resources, and marketing, and focuses on acquiring actionable strategies to support the school's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. In addition to this annual conference, the Admissions team attends relevant events throughout the year, including an Anti-Bias Symposium focused on equity in October 2021. These professional development opportunities for our Admissions team help support the school's mission to create a worldwide community of diverse, intellectually passionate students.

"The Annual Fund signifies the strong ties of the Stanford Online High School community since it is driven by the active engagement of our families around the world, and supports the needs of students, staff, and instructors directly. Thank you so much for your continued support and participation in making this global community such a unique and special place!"

- Tomohiro Hoshi, Head of School

Honor Roll

Our Honor Roll has been updated to include all students whose families have made a donation to the Annual Fund for this academic year. 


Annual Fund Committees

The Annual Fund is a volunteer, parent-led initiative. This year, we have a great parent committee representing every grade level, enrollment status, and those from all across the world.

Parent Committee

Lynn Auslander
Aditi Bhanot
Iryna Chrysafis
Nicola Davies
Queenlee Foo
Rashmi Gupta
Lisa Haukom
Melissa Huml 
Melissa Larsen Ekholm
Ping Liu
Catherine Noviello
Lindsey Own
Melanie Palance
Meera Scarrow
Joanne Steinhardt
Narayan Sundareswaran
Laura Tussing 
Meera Venkataraman 
Mark Webber
Meaghan Williams
Anneliese Wyler 
Jiamin Yu
Qifang Zheng

Michelle Wright and Jennifer North, co-chairs

School Committee

  • Dr. Tomohiro Hoshi, Head of School
  • Josh Carlson, Director of Business Operations
  • Meg Lamont, Assistant Head of School
  • Christine Van Winkle, Senior Business Operations Administrator
  • Louise Schultze, Marketing and Outreach Specialist
  • Jonathan Weil, Division Head of Core