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Whether you just graduated or you are one of the earliest recipients of a Stanford OHS diploma, we want you to stay in touch. Connect with your fellow Pixels, and keep us up to date with what is happening in your life.

Stay in Touch

Stanford OHS Alumni Association

We are building the Stanford OHS Alumni Association to bring Stanford OHS alums together, organize events, and encourage students to return to campus, both physically and virtually.  

Please make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information by completing the Alumni Information Form. You can also submit your news for the next Stanford OHS Connection through this form.

Class Agents

Starting with the class of 2015, 2–3 class agents are elected from each class. These class agents are committed to staying in touch with their classmates; facilitating alumni connections; and working with the school to organize meetups, provide networking opportunities, and represent the voice of their graduating class on school issues. 

2015 Class Agents
Cherry Ng
Catherine Wolfram 

2016 Class Agents
Emma Drewry
Daniel Foster
Anisha Oommen

2017 Class Agents
Elena Gonzalez
Gina Kumar
Tej Singh

2018 Class Agents
Gemma Haney
Grace Sewell

Benefits for Stanford OHS Alumni

  • Join Stanford OHS Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  • Come to Graduation Weekend.
  • Plan or attend a meetup.
  • Read class notes in the Alumni editions of Stanford OHS Connection.

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School Documents

If you need to receive documents from one of our student service offices, please let us know. Fill out our form and be sure to indicate your request type. 
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Other Alumni Questions

If you have any other questions about life after Stanford OHS, don’t hesitate to let us know.
Contact the Director of Student Life and Community