Financial Aid & Scholarships

We seek to provide exceptional educational experiences to qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances.

What You Need to Know

Approximately 15% of our students receive financial aid.  That translates into more than $900,000 in financial aid and Malone Scholarships for the 2016–17 school year.

  • Financial aid is generally available to full-time and part-time student applicants only.
  • We evaluate financial aid applications independently of admission applications.
  • We don’t provide financial aid or loans for computers, books, or other curriculum materials.

Financial Aid Application Instructions

Fee Waivers 

If the application fee to Stanford Online High School causes a financial hardship for your family, please contact the Admissions Office to request a fee waiver. Please note, fee waivers are only granted to completed applications.

The Malone Scholars Program

The Malone Family Foundation established an endowment at Stanford OHS in 2013 to fund scholarships for new students who are gifted and talented and have financial need. Amounts range from 30%–100% of full-time tuition, and students remain Malone Scholars as long as they are enrolled full time and maintain good academic standing. There are typically between 15 and 18 Malone Scholars across grades 7–12.

Stanford OHS received two generous founding gifts from the Malone Family Foundation. The first was at its inception, which made possible the creation of the school, and the second was at the beginning of our fourth year, which made possible the addition of the Middle School.

More about the Malone Scholars Program