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Stanford OHS follows a traditional August–June academic calendar year. Applicants apply in the fall/winter prior to their desired academic year of entry. We encourage you to attend our admissions events, look through our website, and connect with the Admissions Team as you begin your application journey.

Attend an In-Person or Virtual Admissions Event


School Fairs and Splash!

The Stanford OHS Admissions Team welcomes the opportunity to connect with prospective students at in-person events.

Sample Class

There’s no better way to see how it all works than by joining in a sample class. You’ll interact with students and an OHS instructor, see how our virtual classroom functions, and learn more about our rigorous academics.

Parent Coffee

Meet with current Stanford OHS parents for virtual "coffee," and hear about their experiences at our school.

Information Session

Want to learn more about what makes our school stand out? Attend this live information session to hear from our Admissions Team.

Your Application Begins Here

Read about the kinds of students we select, the criteria on which we base our admissions decisions, and key information you need to know before starting your application.

Required Criteria & Testing Data
Enrollment Options
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You’ve decided that Stanford OHS is a good fit for you. Here’s how you can apply to join our school. The application process is the same for all students, regardless of enrollment status. 

Meet the Admissions Team

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Derry Akin

Admissions Officer

Portrait of Emily Hendershot

Emily Hendershot

Admissions Officer

Kate Rossetti Assistant Director of College Counseling

Kate Rossetti

Director of Admissions

Admissions FAQ

Top Application Questions

Does attending Stanford OHS increase a student’s likelihood of admission to Stanford University?

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Colleges and universities (including Stanford University) are familiar with the academic demands of Stanford Online High School. However, the fact that a student has attended or graduated from Stanford Online High School is not in and of itself a predictor of any college admissions outcome. Further, Stanford Online High School is not a ‘feeder school’ to Stanford University.

Stanford University does not consider “demonstrated interest” in making admission decisions. This means that actions such as visiting campus, calling or emailing admissions staff, or attending Stanford Online High School will not increase a student’s likelihood of admission to the university. 

Graduates who succeed at Stanford Online High School achieve college placement at a wide range of colleges and universities around the world. For a comprehensive list, please refer to our School Profile.

Can students join Stanford OHS mid-year?

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No, Stanford OHS does not accept mid-year students. Our only new student intake is in the fall each year.

Can the application deadline be extended?

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No. To be evaluated in Round One or Round Two, all applications and required materials must be submitted by the respective deadline.

Can a prospective student sit in on a Stanford OHS class?

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No, but we do offer "Sample Courses" as part of our virtual Admissions events, which are one-hour courses in specific subjects to enable prospective students to experience our virtual classroom. Prior registration is required; visit our Admissions Event page to learn more.

Do you offer financial aid?

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Yes. Financial aid is available to qualified applicants. Note that the application for financial aid is separate from the application for admission. Financial aid awards are determined based on need, merit, and available funds. Financial Aid & Scholarships

How can I connect with the Admissions Team to learn more about the school?

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Prospective students can reach out to the Admissions Team (Contact Admissions) via phone or email, or take part in one of our virtual or in-person Admissions events.

Is the application the same for those interested in single-course enrollment?

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Yes. The application process is the same for each student, regardless of desired enrollment status (1-5 courses). 

Is there a way to receive an admissions decision early?

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No. Decisions are released in mid-March for Round One applications and in early May for Round Two applications.

What materials must be submitted with an application?

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A full list of required materials can be found on our Apply page.


When is the deadline for applying to Stanford OHS?

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We have two application cycles: the deadline for Round One is typically mid-January, and the deadline for Round Two is typically mid-March. Specific dates can be found on our Apply page.


Where can I check on my application after it is submitted?

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Once you have submitted your application, you can log in to your application account and view the "Application Status" page. On this page, you can view the status of your recommendation forms, transcripts, and other uploaded materials to determine if your application is complete. Once Admission decisions are published you will receive an email and the decision will be posted on the "Application Status" page.  

Will Stanford OHS contact my child's school to request their transcript?

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No. Applicants are responsible for requesting their transcript from their current school and uploading it to the online application. If your child's school has other requirements, please contact OHS Admissions.

Requirements & Eligibility

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for Stanford OHS?

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Stanford OHS does not have a minimum test score or specific eligibility requirement. More information about criteria and how we assess applicants can be found here.

What materials must be submitted with an application?

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A full list of required materials can be found on our Apply page.


Financial Aid & Scholarships

When is the deadline for applying for financial aid?

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All financial aid applications and required materials must be submitted, along with your completed application for admission, by the application deadline for either the Round One or Round Two cycle.

Do you offer financial aid for non-US students?

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Yes. International families should complete a financial aid application through School and Student Services (SSS) and should provide any government tax forms for the current and prior years. Further instructions can be found on our Financial Aid page.

Test Scores & Transcripts

Can an application to Stanford OHS be submitted without a standardized test score?

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No. We cannot review an application without one of the seven approved standardized test scores. Criteria & Standardized Testing

Does the Online Application require sending an official transcript?

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No. Since the Stanford OHS application is fully online, applicants must upload transcripts directly into their applications. Most applicants upload an unofficial transcript to fulfill this requirement.

What are the cut-off scores for the standardized test requirement and grade-point average requirement?

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There is no minimum test score, grade-point average cut-off, or percentile requirement. Stanford OHS seeks students who are intellectually curious and academically driven, eager to engage in our school community, and primed to succeed in our extraordinary online environment. All application materials (such as work samples, written responses, test scores, teacher recommendations, etc.) are considered holistically.

Recommendation Forms

How does a recommender get notified of a recommendation request?

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Once a recommender is added to your online application form, a link will be automatically emailed to your recommender to complete the online recommendation form on your behalf. Keep in mind that it is each applicant's responsibility to ensure recommenders have submitted the online form by the deadline.

International & Homeschooled Applicants

Do all application documents need to be in English?

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Yes. Any transcripts or recommendations for students who have attended international schools must be translated to English by a third party prior to application submission. International & Homeschooled applicants

Does Stanford OHS accept homeschooled students?

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Yes. Stanford OHS does accept homeschooled students. Review our resources page for more information about applying as a homeschooled student. International & Homeschooled Applicants

Does Stanford OHS accept international students?

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Yes. Stanford OHS does accept non-U.S. students. As an online school, students can attend Stanford OHS from their home country. We do not require attendance in person. Stanford OHS is not involved in student visa arrangements. International & Homeschooled Applicants

General Admissions Questions

How does scheduling work? Are the times listed on website the regular meeting times for classes?

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In order to accommodate our active, global student body, we create a new master schedule every year based on the time constraints of returning students and Round One applicants. Our success rate in meeting these requests is over 90%. As a result of this accommodation, the schedule changes dramatically each year while most courses are offered every year.

Is your program a GED program?

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No. Stanford OHS is not a diploma completion program, nor is it a school for adult learners. We serve academically talented students who are in grades 7–12. Those looking for a program for adult learners should contact the admissions office at their local university or community college for approved online GED/high-school completion programs.

Do you offer a summer academic term?

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No. We offer a residential summer program for our currently enrolled students, but we do not offer a summer academic term.