An Extraordinary Middle School Experience

The need was clear: high-achieving middle school students said they wanted to pursue advanced coursework in areas of special talent while accessing courses across the curriculum that both challenge and prepare them for the rigors of our high school.
Students working on laptops in class
OHS Middle School
OHS Middle School

Comprehensive Middle School Curriculum

Fundamentals of Expository Writing
Fundamentals of Literary Analysis
Fundamentals of Reading & Writing
High School-Level Courses (if appropriate)
Creative Writing
Introduction to Drawing
Human Nature & Society
Honors Prealgebra
Honors Beginning Algebra
Computational Thinking & Computer Science
High School-Level Courses (if appropriate)
Latin 1A, 1B
Chinese 1A, 1B
Introduction to U.S. History
Empires & World Civilizations to 1800
Inquiry-Based Physics
Foundations in Science: Energy & Matter

Dedicated Advisors & Counselors

  • Middle School Advisors engage with students to help determine appropriate course placement, plan a program of study, and monitor their progress.
  • Specially trained, dedicated Middle School Counselors are assigned to students to  
    • Do regular student check-ins on course workload
    • Ensure younger students thrive in the online environment
    • Ensure that students’ academic, emotional, and social developmental needs are met

Middle School Summer @ Stanford

Our Middle School Summer @ Stanford has been a huge success since its inception in 2014. The 10-day August program hosts 40 students.

In this small group, students

  • Get to know their peers and instructors
  • Engage in hands-on interdisciplinary academic experiences
  • Practice their study and communications skills