Middle School

The need was clear: High-achieving middle-school students said they wanted to pursue advanced coursework in areas of special talent, while accessing courses across the curriculum that both challenge and prepare them for the rigors of our high school.

An Extraordinary Middle School

At the Stanford OHS Middle School, students are in the company of equally passionate peers and with academic support that ensures a smooth transition to the high-school level.

Comprehensive Middle School Curriculum





Dedicated Advisors & Counselors ​

Stanford OHS has a specially trained staff dedicated solely to ensuring that younger students thrive in our online environment.

Middle School Summer @ Stanford 

Our Middle School Summer @ Stanford has been a huge success since its inauguration in 2014. The 10-day August program hosts 40 students.

In this small group, students will:

  • Get to know their Middle School peers and instructors.
  • Engage in hands-on interdisciplinary academic experiences.
  • Learn to master Stanford OHS technology.
  • Practice their study and communications skills.

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