Group of graduating OHS students

An American College Preparatory Experience

Stanford Online High School is an independent school for intellectually passionate students in grades 7 - 12 from around the world, offering flexible enrollment options to fit every student's needs.

An Unparalleled Education Anywhere in the World

Meet Lisa

Lisa lives in Moscow, Russia and Lucerne, Switzerland with her family, but Stanford OHS has allowed her to travel the world. During her freshman year, she attended class from several countries across three continents. As an avid photographer, Lisa was able to capture many of the places she traveled thanks to the flexibility of the online school environment.

In addition to pursuing her extracurricular passions, Lisa had the ability to take courses that challenged her, ranging from our 10th grade Core course to AP Physics C. Though she didn’t expect it when she applied, the social environment at Stanford OHS is another aspect of the school she really loves. She feels more closely connected to some of her Stanford OHS classmates in America than to many of her friends in Moscow.

From Tokyo to Holland to my home in Moscow, Stanford OHS makes learning, communicating, and exploring the world a sensational and beautiful experience. Stanford OHS is all about passion! Exceptional instructors make learning a sensational experience. I am so happy to be a member of the vibrant, diverse, and wonderfully friendly community of passionate students around the world.


Class of 2019, Moscow, Russia

Why Apply to Stanford OHS?

If you're anything like Lisa, here is why Stanford OHS might be right for you:
  • Prepare for college wherever you are: Experience an innovative American, college preparatory school and, at the same time, the life and culture of your local community.
  • Expand your global network: Share your ideas and global perspective with peers from more than 32 countries and 46 U.S. states.
  • Pursue courses not offered in your school: Take intellectual risks in advanced courses with dedicated scholar-instructors, 65% of whom have Ph.D.’s in their disciplines.
  • Community that travels with you: Join a supportive community that engages with you wherever you are and that offers both academic and college counseling as well as a vibrant student life including clubs, in-person meetups, and a residential summer program on Stanford’s campus.