Financial Aid Application Instructions

Families who wish to apply for financial aid are required to complete the following steps. Please note that the priority deadline for financial aid applications for Admissions Round One to Stanford OHS is January 16, 2019. Financial aid applications will still be reviewed after this deadline, but funds are limited.

2019–2020 Financial Aid Application


  1. After October 2, 2018, fill out and submit the School and Student Services (SSS) Parents’ Financial Statement Online (PFS). The Stanford OHS school code is 4308.
  2. Submit copies of all required documents: your 2017 tax returns and W2 forms as well as any other relevant financial information, including supporting tax schedules such as the Schedule SE for Self-Employment Tax.
  3. We recognize that all tax documents for 2018 may not be available by the deadline. Please be sure to submit all 2017 documents requested as well as any information available for 2018, such as a W2. Please upload complete 2018 documents as soon as they are available to you, but no later than May 15, 2019.
  4. International families applying for financial aid must complete and submit the SSS International Student Financial Aid Profile form, and upload any government tax forms they have for the current year and prior year to their SSS application. Further details about submitting the International Student Financial Aid Profile form can be found on the SSS website.
  5. Please note the following when completing your submission:
    • After completing your SSS application, you will need to wait one business day before you can upload required or supporting documents.
    • The Financial Aid Committee strongly recommends that you submit all required documents directly on the SSS application website. Please note that any financial aid submission that is not uploaded directly on the SSS website may take additional time to process.
    • You are required to block out or redact Social Security numbers anywhere they appear in your tax returns or other financial documents before uploading them to the SSS application website.
    • All documents must be submitted in a PDF or JPG format. Note that files cannot be larger than 500K. For help formatting documents for uploading, reference the tips provided on the SSS website.

Application Help

SSS has many helpful guides and webinars to aid families in their financial aid application process. A few guides are attached below and more resources can be found at the SSS website here.

Questions Regarding SSS Submissions

All questions regarding the SSS application should be directed to the SSS help desk.

  • If you are calling from within the United States, dial 800-344-8328.
  • If you are calling from outside of the United States or Canada, dial 952-967-9922.

Problems Uploading Documents

If you are unable to upload documents directly on the SSS website, you may mail the information to Stanford OHS at the following address:

Stanford OHS Financial Aid Committee
Academy Hall  Floor 2 8853
415 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063

The Financial Aid Review Committee

The Financial Aid Review Committee appreciates receiving as much relevant information as possible. If you would like to explain any unusual circumstances, please submit additional information in the section titled “Unusual Conditions.” Clarification during the financial aid application phase will prevent unnecessary delays in award decisions.

The deadline to complete a financial aid application for applicants to Stanford OHS is January 16, 2019. Financial aid submissions received after this deadline will be reviewed; however, the availability of financial aid funds is limited, and applications received on or before the deadline will receive priority consideration. Families who submit forms by this deadline will be able to view their award amount with the admission decision letter by the end of March 2019.