Meet Our People

Each of us at Stanford OHS is a pixel, one of the many points of illumination needed to create, in our case, not an image but a remarkable community of bright minds and innovative spirit united by technology and a commitment to be extraordinary.

Our Instructors

Students are unanimous in praising our instructors, most of whom hold Ph.D.’s in their fields of study; all of whom are chosen for that academic expertise and for their passion teaching highly talented students at an advanced middle school, high school, and college level in our distinctive online environment.

Meet Dr. Dawkins

Claire Dawkins, Ph.D., is a scholar of the Early Modern period (aka the Renaissance) in England, as well as transatlantic literature of the 16th and 17th centuries. Dr. Dawkins is also interested in feminist theory, studies of the author, and genre theory. Her favorite authors include William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser. 

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Our Staff

At Stanford OHS, administrators, counselors, academic advisors, college counselors, and admissions officers—all of them experienced professionals—partner with families to support the academic, social, emotional, and personal development of every student. 

Meet Mr. Salvador

Ryan Salvador knows Stanford OHS well, as he started as an Assistant Registrar and is now an Academic Advisor. His background in education and teaching English as Second Language has served our school well.

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Our Students

Stanford OHS students are gifted, intellectual risk takers who are engaged in significant pursuits beyond the classroom and committed to engaging with each other to create a tightly-knit, dynamic, global student body. We enroll 750 students currently representing 32 countries and 46 U.S. states.

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is a senior this year at Stanford Online High School. He is an entrepreneur, having started a social networking site with a fellow Stanford OHS student that is exclusively for teens and focuses on anti-bullying. He has served on the Stanford OHS Student Government.

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Our Parents

Parents are valued members of our extended global family. Vocal and active, they lead meetups and other programs that enrich the Stanford OHS experience for everyone. Their support is crucial to the success of all our students.  

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia is a parent-volunteer for Stanford OHS. She has served at president of the OHS Graduation Weekend organizational committee, hosted meetups in Northern California, and been an active member of the OHS Parent Association. 

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Our Alumni

Stanford OHS graduates have shown themselves to be exceptionally equipped for college and fully engaged to take on their future.

Meet Amanda

Amanda recently graduated from Stanford OHS. She is now at Stanford University in the class of 2019, studying neuroscience, and is a member of the varsity synchronized swimming team.

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