Stanford Online High School Sample Classes

(Note: Student and instructor names have been anonymized in below class sample videos.)

Sample of Starting Class

Methodology of Science - Biology

In this clip, we see the start of a 9th grade class held immediately after Fall Parent-Teacher conferences. The instructor focuses everyone, reviews the day's agenda, and gives practical advice for the course based on his conversations with parents.

Sample of Leading Discussion

Foundations of Science: Energy & Matter

In this 8th grade science class, the instructor calls on a student to provide an answer on mic. After the student gives her answer, the instructor elaborates further. In addition to the student's audio contribution to the class, there is active discussion in the text chat.

Sample of Using Polls

Democracy, Freedom, & the Rule of Law

This video highlights a discussion from an 11th grade Humanities course. The instructor starts by polling his students about how they would behave in a variety of situations provided earlier in the class. Based on the poll responses, students debate why they answered as they did.

Sample of Using a Whiteboard

AP Calculus AB

This sample of an advanced math course begins shortly after students have taken a poll about the right answer to a problem they are working on together. The responses are mixed, and so the instructor calls on a student to elaborate on her answer on mic. The student provides some notation on the slide, in addition to her verbal explanation, and the instructor follows up with further writing on the board.