Nick DeMello

Chemistry Instructor

B.S., University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Nick received his chemistry B.S. from UC Berkeley and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.

His research with Dennis Curran included the design of a programmable chiral auxiliary, algorithms for optimizing stereo-selection in free radical reaction and the development of molecular mechanics parameters that have since been incorporated into the industry standard software MacroModel.™ Post-doctoral quantum chemistry research with Ken Houk at UCLA focused on building molecular mechanics models for the transition state of epoxidation reactions and developing new technologies for molecular visualization.

A founding member of the UCLA Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) that brought together Hollywood production professionals, Silicon Valley software developers and university level educators. The CDI produced some of the first distance learning products. Nick's projects included work for the University of California, McGraw-Hill, the ministry of education of Malaysia,Sony Corporation, Hitachi Ltd and the development of CyberChem™ -- McGraw-Hills best selling distance learning product.

Using software of his own design, Nick developed molecular illustrations for the cover of Science Magazine, C&E News, Angewandte Chemie, Eyes on Chemistry, Genes & Development, the calendar of the American Chemical Society and other publications. Nick has worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories and Design Science (the creators of MathType and the Equation Editor in every modern word processing program). He served as the editor-in-chief of MacTech Magazine, managed the largest retail presence at every MacWorld Expo for half a decade, and independently developed multimedia content under contract for Apple inc and others.

Current research projects include improved algorithms for adaptive learning exercises, student assessment through machine learning and toolkit applying augmented reality for molecular visualization. Outside Stanford University OHS Nick enjoys alpine skiing, surfing, baking and restoring classic Macintosh computers.




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