Lesley Stanford

English Instructor

B.Ed., Manchester University

Lesley is a veteran teacher of motivated and capable young students who enjoys the curiosity and energy of middle school students. She began as an instructor at Stanford University EPGY and OHSx for the past 8 years, and before that she was an English teacher in public and independent schools in both the USA and the UK. Born and educated in the UK, where she received a B.Ed. from Manchester University, Lesley also has a Law degree and worked in the non-profit Legal Advice field in London. She relocated to the USA in 1996 after 17 years in the legal profession, and she became a US citizen in December 2012.

Lesley has been an instructor at Stanford since 2006, teaching the Language Arts and Grammar courses, Literary Salons, Reading and the Writing about Literature courses. Lesley has taught the summer writing honors academies for the past 8 years in Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok and Korea. Recent accomplishments include showcasing her Literary Salon students’ projects on The Royal Shakespeare Company’s website. Always exploring more creative methods of engaging her students, Lesley aims to provide an exciting, creative, and participatory classroom environment. Her goal is to help her students to achieve their potential.

In her spare time Lesley enjoys sailing in San Francisco Bay, the theater and opera, and spending time with her family. She is also a soccer fan!