Heather Walker-Dale

Philosophy Core Instructor

B.A., Colorado College
M.A., University of York
M.Litt., Ph.D., University of St. Andrews

Dr. Walker-Dale has broad academic and geographical interests that have produced many, often intellectually rooted, travels, most recently to OHS. She had the good fortune to follow the Silk Road through much of China with scholars, trek around Eastern Australia and New Zealand, live on the cheap throughout Europe and teach in the charming seaside town of St. Andrew's in Scotland for several years, among other adventures. Her degrees have included wide-ranging philosophical work, Medieval studies (with a focus on literature), and the philosophy of physics for her dissertation. Other academic interests focus on environmentalism, ethics and cosmology, and teaching critical thinking across subjects.

She enjoys studying diverse topics, from dinosaurs to plays to art history, exploring and conserving the natural world, traveling to places where she can't eat the food, and pursuing creative endeavors at least once.