Chris Oparko

Science Instructor

B.S., Physics and Mathematics, Santa Clara University
M.S., Physics, UC Davis

Chris Oparko was born and raised in California’s Bay Area. He came from large family totaling of 9 siblings and was the first in his family to attend a University. Upon starting his undergraduate career at Santa Clara University, Chris changed his focus from Aerospace Engineering to receive his B.S. in Physics and Mathematics. He then pursued a Masters of Physics with an emphasis in Cosmology at the University of California, Davis. As a graduate student Chris worked on projects involving Galaxy Lensing in order to calculate the Hubble Constant.

To this day, Chris remains a Bay Area resident and has found more interests outside of his academics involving soccer, arts and crafts, baking, and most recently tending to a dying garden. Through a diverse set of interests Chris strives to teach in a way that embraces many perspectives for a greater understanding.