Arpy Khatchirian

Philosophy Core Instructor

B.A., Rutgers University
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Arpy is excited to join the OHS this year! For the past few years, she’s been a lecturer at UC Berkeley. She completed her PhD in Philosophy, also at Berkeley, in 2014. Long before that, she studied Math and Philosophy at Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

Her philosophical interests center on language, mind, and their interaction with the theory of knowledge. She likes to think about truth, meaning, disagreement, and the different kinds of understanding we seek of ourselves, of each other, and of the world around us. 

Arpy grew up in Lebanon and France. She now lives in Berkeley with her husband and two children, and is happy to call the Bay Area her home - here, on a good day, she can pretend to still live on the Mediterranean Coast. Arpy loves rocky beaches, narrow paths, and car-free environments. She enjoys baking, eating, and talking about food. As a child, Arpy was convinced that she’d grow up to be an artist. 



“Truth, Meaning, and Interpretation: A Reconsideration of Davidson’s Program”, Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Vol 6 No 9 (2018). 

Substantive Truth and Knowledge of Meaning. PhD Dissertation, UC Berkeley (2014).

“What is Wrong with the Indeterminacy of Language-Attribution?”, Philosophical Studies 146 (2): 197-221 (2009).