Stanford OHS courses are rigorous and demand a significant time commitment on the student’s part.

Course Load

  • Full-time students generally take 5 courses, but can take 6 and as few as 4 and plan to graduate.  
  • Part-time students take 2 or 3 courses.
  • Single-course and specific-course students take just the 1 course.


  • Most classes are seminar-style and meet twice a week for 75 minutes (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday).

The important exceptions:

  • The senior Core Sequence class meets for 90 minutes two times a week
  • Language classes meet three times a week

For all classes, students are assigned work to be completed before their seminar so that they are able to fully participate in the discussion. Many instructors create recorded video lectures, with reading, writing, and other assignments as preparatory work. Students watch, on average, 1-to-2 hours of lecture each week for each of these courses. Other instructors prefer that students complete several hours of reading and writing assignments to prepare for their seminars.

Total Time Investment

Add together the preparatory class lectures and assignments, along with actual (seminar) class time, and you can roughly figure that students invest 8-to-10 hours a week for one high school-level class. With a typical full load of 5 classes that’s a commitment of 40-to-50 hours a week.

Each middle school class should find students investing 6-to-8 hours a week. With a typical load of 4 classes that’s a commitment of 24-to-32 hours a week.

Instructor Support

Instructors are available to support students in weekly office hours, by phone, and by email.