We are a community...We are a family.

-Laura, Class of 2011

Stanford OHS is filled with all kinds of students, a greater diversity than you can find at any "normal" school. I know, because I attended such schools all my life until I found Stanford OHS. We have musicians who study under famous teachers; we have expats still in other countries; we have professional-level athletes; we have actors; we have students who otherwise wouldn't have access to this level of academics; we have students too sick to go to school; and we have students for whom "normal" school just doesn't work. Yet, not one of these students is a hermit.

In fact, sometimes I feel like I have to "escape" Stanford OHS as the amount of social contact is overwhelming. Unless I turn off every single piece of communication in my house, someone will be talking to me. I communicate with my classmates in class, on Facebook, through gmail, gtalk, Skype (with video), phones, text messages, and in person. And we have multiple meet-ups. I meet with classmates over spring break, graduation, summer session, and fly out to see my classmates. Every time I meet a classmate in person, we start off just where we left off online; there is no weirdness at all. I feel like I have friends all around the world that would help me anytime I need help.

Actually, that is one of the first things I noticed about Stanford OHS. We help each other. We are a community, and we would do anything to help another student. We are family.