Graduation Requirements

In establishing its graduation requirements, the Online High School has tried to strike a balance between providing a well rounded education and ensuring that students have time to study subjects in depth, including being able to move beyond traditional high-school-level courses into those at the university level. We know that many of our students will be combining courses taken from the OHS with courses taken from other institutions. For these reasons we have established a comprehensive set of graduation requirements and have also provided students with a variety of ways in which these requirements can be satisfied.

Academic Course Requirements

Includes courses taken in Ninth Grade at OHS or elsewhere.

The Core Sequence

In order to ensure that students at the OHS participate fully in the intellectual life of the school, we require all diploma-seeking high-school students to take a course from the Core Sequence during each high school year. Core courses fulfill Social Science or English credit as indicated. The Core Sequence is typically completed as follows:

Advanced Placement Distribution Requirement

Students must take a minimum of one year-long OHS course at or above the Advanced Placement (AP) level in each of the following subject areas: Humanities (English), Social Science, and Natural Science/Mathematics (either subject).

OHS “Residency” Requirement

To earn an OHS diploma, students must take a minimum number of OHS courses as follows:

(Applies to students entering the 9th grade beginning in 2011-12.)

Non-academic Course Requirements

Not used in GPA calculation.

The Physical Education requirement can be met by submitting official transcripts that include PE credits or by submitting an OHS PE independent study contract and completing specified physical activities. All contracts must be approved in advance by an Academic Advisor. The OHS AP Biology class satisfies the Health requirement, or students may opt to take a directed study program and content exam through OHS to demonstrate mastery of key concepts. Health classes taken at other schools may also satisfy this requirement upon approval by an Academic Advisor.