Specific-Course Application

Specific Course Application

This application is for students who would like to be considered for admission only to a specific course, or a single course in a specific sequence of courses. Students must indicate on their applications for which course (or sequence) they are applying, and will be considered for admission only to this specified course (or sequence). If a student admitted to a specific course would like to take additional courses at the Online High School at a later time, he or she will need to undergo an additional application process.

A complete application consists of the following:

Placement Test and Interview

Candidates may be asked to take a proctored placement exam to determine their eligibility for the course for which they are applying.  In some cases, candidates may also receive a request for an interview with a member of the Admission Committee.  If either of these is determined necessary, the applicant will be contacted with further instructions.

The Admission Committee reserves the right to request additional information if deemed necessary to evaluate an applicant’s candidacy.

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