Admission Outcomes

Admitted applicants may fall under one of several categories.

Full Admission

Students admitted to Stanford OHS may enroll each year without reapplication, change enrollment status, and may take any course offered at the school contingent on placement.

Provisional Admission

Students are admitted provisionally when the Admissions Committee anticipates that they may benefit from additional academic support. Academic advisors and counselors closely monitor the academic progress of these students to support their success at the school. Provisionally admitted students who maintain good academic standing through the end of their first year may re-enroll without reapplying.

Admission Restricted to Math/Science or Humanities

Students may be admitted to take courses in only one subject area. Acceptance into courses outside that focus area in a subsequent year requires reapplication.

Admission Restricted to an Enrollment Status

Students may be restricted to part-time or single course enrollment when the Admissions Committee believes that they may benefit from a reduced course load. To change that status requires reapplication. This outcome is common for middle school applicants.

Admission Without Graduation

Students who apply to Stanford OHS late in their high school careers may be unable to graduate from the school. The Admissions Committee may make this determination after an assessment of the student's academic record.