Critical Theory and Russian Literature

Course Number 
High School
Modes of Writing and Argumentation (OE011) or placement exam

This course is offered as an alternative to OE020, AP English Language and Composition.  OE020A is taught at the same level and with the same methodological approach of post-structuralism as OE020, but is not constrained by the AP exam. This course will focus on Russian literature and cultural history, beginning with the early nineteenth century and ending with the late twentieth century. Students will study a wide variety of genres, including stories, novels, poetry, film, and nonfiction. We will approach these texts from a variety of theoretical standpoints, including formalism, Bakhtin, and post-structuralism. Students will write essays in a variety of genres and present formal presentations, allowing them to experiment with varied authorial personas and to master multiple argumentative structures. By the end of the course, students will be adept at writing original, thoughtful, and well-supported essays at the college level.

Course Credit