Multi-Genre Creative Writing Workshop

Course Number 
High School
Fall Semester
Enrollment in grades 10-12 or consent of instructor
Additional Recommendations
Graded on a Pass/No Credit basis

This course explores several writing genres: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction (e.g. personal narrative). Students will study the elements of creative composition such as figurative language, sound, imagery, voice, and style. They will read poems, personal essays, and short stories, as well as essays to develop skills needed to form their own writing process. Through in class workshops and discussions, students practice their writing in a community of writers. They will end the course with a portfolio of their multi-genre work.

Students are encouraged to take the course more than once to work on their writing in this classroom and community environment. Each semester of Multi-Genre will involve new readings and writing assignments to foster exploration for students taking the course more than one semester.

Course Credit