Honors Physics

Course Number 
High School
Honors Intermediate Algebra (OM012) or equivalent

Honors Physics is a year-long seminar-style course that introduces the fundamental language, ideas and tools used in the study of physics. This advanced introductory high school physics course covers key topics such as kinematics (displacement, velocity, acceleration, vectors), dynamics (inertia, momentum, force, Newton’s laws, kinetic and potential energy), wave phenomena, electric fields and forces, magnetism, and sound. Emphasis will be placed on introducing and developing those concepts, skills, and methods necessary to excel in physics, thus providing the foundation for more advanced study of physics. Through both at-home and virtual lab work, students learn useful experimental techniques, gain the ability to formulate experimental questions, design scientific experiments, effectively articulate scientific findings, and strengthen understanding of course material.  Prior completion of Honors Intermediate Algebra (OM012) is advantageous but not required. After completing Honors Physics, students will have a solid physics foundation and will be prepared for AP Physics C contingent on preparation in mathematics.

Related course: Students also have the option of doing additional laboratory work during the summer at Stanford (see OPL50 – Physics Lab)

Course Credit