Chemistry Lab

Course Number 
High School
Completion of Honors Chemistry (OC005) or AP Chemistry (OC010) during the previous academic year

Chemistry Lab is a residential summer course held on the Stanford campus during Summer @ Stanford that allows students to explore chemistry topics through hands-on experimentation in a lab class setting. Experiments correspond with topics covered in Honors Chemistry (OC005) and AP Chemistry (OC010), and experiments will be scaffolded according to students’ depth of understanding. Students will gain a variety of skills needed in a research lab, including experience with modern tools and techniques and effective communication of results. Examples of experiments that may be performed include chelation titration, calorimetry, nanoparticle synthesis and characterization, silver plating, synthesis/purification of aspirin, micro- and thin-layer chromatography, extraction/purification of chlorophyll and carotene from plants, and UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Course Credit