AP Computer Science

Course Number 
High School
Concurrent (or previous) enrollment in Honors Precalculus with Trigonometry (OM013)
A placement exam will be required for students who have not previously taken Stanford OHS computer science courses.

This course introduces students to the concept of object oriented programming. The basic and some advanced features of Java are studied including designing and building applications such as web applets. Core topics in the context of the Java programming language: fundamental data structures such as arrays and algorithms (especially those for sorting and searching) and the relationship between computer hardware and a compiled program. Much of the course is projectbased, with assignments stressing the design of classes and algorithms appropriate to a problem. This course prepares students to take the A level AP Computer Science Exam. Students are also introduced to standard Java libraries and features such as error handling, threads, networking, and designing and building graphical user interface using AWT and Swing libraries.

Course Credit