AP Biology

Course Number 
High School
Honors Chemistry (OC005), AP Chemistry (OC010), or consent of instructor

AP Biology is a year-long seminar course that covers college-level introductory biology topics in molecular and cellular biology; anatomy, physiology, and diversity of plants, animals, and microbes; and ecology and evolution. Emphasis is placed on the themes that unify biology, including regulation of biological processes, energy transfer, continuity and change, evolution, the relationship between structure and function, emergent properties, interdependence in nature, the scientific process, and the relevance of biology in our everyday lives. Through at-home and virtual lab work, students learn useful biological techniques, gain the ability to design scientific experiments, effectively communicate results, and strengthen their knowledge of material presented in lecture. This course prepares students for the AP Biology exam.

Related course: Students also have the option of doing additional laboratory work during the summer at Stanford (see OBL10 – AP Biology Lab)

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