Advanced Problem Solving & Proof Techniques

Course Number 
High School
Spring Semester
OM013 Honors Precalculus with Trigonometry
Additional Recommendations
OM4BC AP Calculus BC or OM42C Calculus C

This semester-long course in theoretical mathematics develops students’ facility with abstract conceptual work and prepares students for subjects at the upper-division undergraduate level. Students are expected to have completed Honors Precalculus with Trigonometry; prior completion of AP Calculus is recommended. Students gain experience analyzing complex problem situations, formulating solutions, rigorously justifying arguments, and presenting mathematical reasoning clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing. Course topics include general guidelines for analyzing problems, proving conditional and biconditional statements, working with negations, proof by contradiction, problem-solving heuristics, understanding quantifiers, mathematical induction, the construction method, working with nested quantifiers, and special proof techniques. The course focuses on practical problem-solving and proof-construction techniques that will be invaluable in many university-level mathematics courses.

Course Credit