Advanced History Research Seminar

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High School
Completion of one of the following Stanford OHS courses: DFRL, CRA, Globalization and Imperial Exchange, AP US History, AP English Language, AP English Literature, or any other advanced English course.

2018-19 Topic: Contemporary History

This seminar enables students to complete advanced coursework on a major historical topic or theme. During the 2018-2019 year, students will research and study major topics in contemporary history, including but not limited to the Cold War and its consequences, socio-economic transformations of recent decades, and the relationship between modern culture and politics. The course will examine developments in specific national histories--including the United States--while taking a global view of transnational phenomena and institutions.  Students will engage critically with debates that exist among historians, and learn how to conduct their own research, which will culminate in two research papers (one per semester) that investigate thoroughly particular historical issues or problems.

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