Class of 2018
Scottsdale, AZ
United States
Favorite Subjects
My Interests
FIgure Skating
Clubs & Organizations

What I Love About Stanford OHS

There are so many things that I love about Stanford OHS. First, I really like how the courses are extremely challenging and fun. They always keep me captivated and I am always so excited to go to class and learn more! Also, being a competitive figure skater, I need a flexible schedule and this is something that Stanford OHS can provide. I am able to skate during the day and attend school as well. The atmosphere of Stanford OHS is so wonderful and everyone is so supportive. The teachers and students are always there to help! Teachers usually have office hours once or twice a week, and those sessions are very useful. The teachers always give the students the ability to meet with them to discuss classwork or to just get to know them better. Also, most classes have Skype groups, which are places where students can discuss the class work and solve problems together.

Another great thing about Stanford OHS is the interaction that the students have with each other. There are frequent meet ups all around the world and they are great opportunities to connect with other members of the student body. I have attended two meet ups and I had a great time at both of them! I got to meet some other students and develop a relationship with some of the kids in my class. Also, another great way to interact with the students and teachers is through clubs. Clubs are a really enjoyable way to give the students a time to chat about topics that interest them. Overall the community at Stanford OHS is awesome! 

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I decided to apply to Stanford OHS because I was not happy with my old school. I went to public school for ten years and last year I got frustrated with the education that I was receiving. The course work was boring and I felt like I was assigned a lot of "busy work." I wanted to have an educational experience that was fun, enlightening, and challenging and the classes at Stanford OHS definitely fit those criteria. I am a full time student at OHS and I plan to graduate from in 2018. Stanford OHS has allowed me to achieve my academic goals as well as my extracurricular goals. I wanted to learn a lot and be interested in my coursework. At Stanford OHS I really enjoy my assignments and I love to learn the new material. Stanford OHS is very accommodating to my schedule as a competitive figure skater. I can skate whenever I need to and when I go out of state for competitions, I don't have to miss school because I can take it with me! Stanford OHS is awesome and has helped me advance in my academics as well as in my sport!

About Me

I am a competitive figure skater and I train seven days a week. I am at the rink for multiple hours every day and, in addition to skating, I am required to do many off ice activities as well, like ballet and physical conditioning. I received my gold medal in moves in the field and I was a regional medalist this past year. I attend multiple competitions throughout the summer and in early fall. As well as being a figure skater, I also play the cello and collect spoons. Additionally, I enjoy traveling, baking, writing poetry, and making movies. Beyond high school I want to attend college and then medical school. I also want to remain active in the skating community throughout my life. Stanford OHS is definitely allowing me to achieve all of my goals.