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What I Love About Stanford OHS

 I am often asked by local students, what is so good about this online school that you are attending? And to answer that frequent question: Stanford OHS is the best and most gratifying school that I have ever attended. I first joined the community as a seventh grader in 2014, and was terrified that I would be shut out for being younger than many other students. However, I quickly discovered that I would reach my academic and social haven at this school. One of my favorite attributes of Stanford OHS is that we can interact with each other without worrying about what the other person thinks about us - because every opinion is valued and considered. We take everything that comes to the drawing table and inspect it until we are fully satisfied that this is the best solution at the problem at hand. Though not every opinion or idea goes through this system unscathed — many of mine, for example, had come out of class looking like Swiss cheese — but I can guarantee that each class discussions sows the seeds for new ideas and beliefs.

In addition, Stanford OHS is an incredibly rigorous school, but students come out of a course wanting to learn more and having enjoyed that experience. Because here, there’s no such thing as attendance points — it’s the numerous attempts and the ideas out of those tries that really counts in the long run. Last, but certainly not least, our community is very tight-knit for a school that spreads itself out over many countries and continents. Skype is the primary platform that we use to support our outside-of-class chatting and spontaneous ideaventions. The school too, offers many student supports programs, such as office hours, a writing center, counselors, and a great deal of other programs — including over 40 clubs and student organizations!

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS has provided the academic rigor that I had desired for so long; before I discovered this school, I had attended many public schools in order to keep myself challenged academically. I had skipped second grade, and in fourth grade, was taking Algebra I. By fifth grade year, I had started to take advanced classes through the local high school, but even then, I felt like it was not the right environment for me… and that’s where Stanford OHS came in. Beyond the classroom, Stanford OHS has shaped me into a better orator, debater, mathlete, and philosopher. It has given me the opportunity to take my passions and develop them — and has given me the permission to take that chance and fly. It was here that I was fully encouraged to think for myself and to devote plenty of my time to my studies as I bury myself in Rousseau, Orwell, and Machiavelli — but it was also here I was given the time to participate in extracurriculars, among which are sports and music. And besides, I was drawn to the large course selections available — which include Core and Latin, which I was previously interested in but never had the opportunity to pursue because it was not offered locally and there were not many courses available that I would reasonably be able to take — but OHS has opened to me an entire new door that I never knew existed before. 

About Me

I am currently an eighth grader, based in the wilderness… of the Western Nebraska savannah. I enjoy cross-country and track, and though I do not actively pursue sports, I’ve done a bit of badminton, basketball, and golf. I also play a number of instruments, such as the piano for 6 years, violin 3 years, French horn 2 years, and taught myself how to play the flute a few summers ago. Music, as one can see, is a very large part of my life - I enjoy the emotional outlet that it provides, but  also find it a creative way to let my inner soul go free without pressing upon the listeners my own emotions and instead let them find theirs. I am also a proud participator of MathCounts, having qualified for Nationals this year.  In addition, I participate in Bowl team and other individual mathematics competitions, such as AMC and competitions hosted by nearby universities. I am also the founder and president of Scottsbluff Giving Club (SGC), a group that aims to give back to our community through tutoring services and a subset Chinese Conversational Club. I also volunteer at the local elementary school, working with younger students from three schools.

Throughout high school and beyond, I hope to encourage young kids, especially girls, to join more academic activities. Every child deserves the right to education and deserves the ability to enhance a passion rather than have it shut down due to peer pressure. It is for this reason that I hope to develop a new sector of SGC that exposes younger students to critical thinking skills and pulls them into the world of the real-life application of mathematics, showing that mathematics is truly important, but above all fun.