Class of 2018
Narragansett, RI
United States
Favorite Subjects
Computer Science
My Interests
Science Competitions
Clubs & Organizations
Math Competition Club
Physics Competition Club
Science Club

What I Love About Stanford OHS

At the core of the Stanford OHS experience is a love of learning. I feel incredibly grateful to have had the chance to learn from some of the most outstanding teachers in the country, who have helped to foster my own love of learning and broaden my spectrum of interests. The incredibly rigorous curriculum has driven me to challenge myself and become willing to take intellectual risks in any subject. The engaging and open system of class seminars has greatly developed my communication skills and given me the courage to go out on a limb and put forward any idea, even if I am still unsure of it. Every week I look forward to attending these discussion sections and getting a chance to ponder topics ranging from Thoreau's implicit argument regarding the nature of time in Walden to the philosophy of theories of quantum gravity.  

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

Prior to applying to Stanford OHS, I had been homeschooled for 8 years and had supplemented my education with classes from Johns Hopkins CTY and MIT's High School Studies Program; through this system I was able to advance far past my grade level in math and science, and realized that I would run out of classes to take at the local brick-and-mortar schools I was considering applying to.  When I heard about Stanford OHS, I felt that the environment would enable me to explore my interests and focus on the subjects that mattered the most to me. In particular, the wide selection of advanced courses would give me the ability to take university-level physics, math, and computer science classes before the conclusion of my high school career.  Once I started the fall of my freshman year, I realized just how special a place Stanford OHS is, and how its unique blend of rigorous academics and passionate teachers and students combined to make it the perfect fit for me. 

Before coming to Stanford OHS, I felt that my greatest academic weakness was writing and was doubtful of my ability to succeed in the English and Core classes; however, the emphasis on critical reading and thinking in the Stanford OHS curriculum has assisted me in greatly improving my writing skills and gaining confidence in the subject. In addition to providing numerous opportunities to participate in clubs and teams through Stanford OHS, the flexible schedule has allowed me to put more effort and time into extracurricular pursuits such as FTC robotics.

About Me

The numerous opportunities presented by Stanford OHS and the flexibility of the schedule have allowed me to pursue significant extracurricular activities, both through the school community and in my own state.  Within Stanford OHS, I am part of the Science Club, Math Competition Club, and Physics Competition Club, allowing me to focus on my passion for math and science competitions. This year I am going to be co-leading the Science Club, which represents Stanford OHS in the National Science Bowl every year. Outside of Stanford OHS, I am part of an FTC robotics team that has earned the Inspire Award at our state tournament for the last two years, and the Rhode Island American Regions Mathematics League team. My involvement with FTC has coincided with the discovery of a passion for coding and I have worked with 13 different languages, including Java and C. I also play in local flag football and basketball leagues, and enjoy snowboarding in the winter. After high school, I plan on gaining degrees in both physics and computer science and pursuing a career in one of these fields; my dream job would be to work at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland