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Alexandria, VA
United States
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What I Love About Stanford OHS

For me, the most important part of school is the academics and the learning environment. And that is exactly what I love most about Stanford OHS. From the discussion sections and the assignments, to the teachers and the student support, the community is unlike any other. Along with fascinating lessons, the teachers set aside a few hours each week for office hours, which are an amazing resource. During these office hours, every teacher is so willing to help and make sure every question is answered and every student understands the material. The discussion sections, however, are where I have really grown as a thinker. Every discussion section in every course I have attended over the past three years has been intellectually stimulating and incredibly interesting. I have been able to delve deeply into topics such as Puritan poetry, women’s rights in the French Revolution, and read biographies of Julius Caesar and Cicero in Latin. OHS has opened my eyes to many different areas of academics, such as statistics and Latin; ones I may not have been as interested in if I had not discovered this wonderful school. 

Outside of the actual classes, Stanford OHS has continued to exceed my expectations. I am involved in Student Government, which has provided me with excellent coordination and leadership experience. During my time at Stanford OHS, I have travelled to a different places. Stanford OHS has allowed me to see these amazing locations as more than just tourist spots. With this unique education, I have been able to apply what I have learned in class and make connections with the world at large. Stanford OHS most certainly has provided and will continue to provide me with a phenomenal education during the rest of my high school years, but also has set me up for a lifelong learning experience.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

Up until 7th grade, I was only homeschooled. While I enjoyed learning at my own pace and taking classes at a higher, more advanced level, I craved a school experience that provided me with other classmates that shared with me the same passion for learning. Through Stanford OHS, that wish has been granted and I look forward to conversations with my fellow Pixels, whether it be to have philosophical discussions in classes, or to casually chat over Skype.  Stanford OHS has also taught me valuable life lessons that could not have been fulfilled through homeschooling. I have learned how to organize and keep track of assignments and due dates for 5-6 classes and how to take notes. I have gotten comfortable with studying for and taking timed midterms and finals in a proctored environment. I have, most importantly, learned the extremely crucial skill of time management, and to this day, I am still working toward finding that perfect balance of homework, extracurricular activities, and free time. 

Because of the online nature of Stanford OHS, I am able to pursue my interests outside of school: swimming and cultural Hawaiian dance. The flexible time schedule of Stanford OHS allows me to attend early morning swim practices, and enjoy a much-needed nap before my first class in the late morning/early afternoon. Dance practices sometimes run close to the end of one of my classes, but I am still able to fully participate in the discussion section from the car, or in a Starbucks. I have moved across the U.S. a few times, and Stanford OHS has been the one constant in my life throughout those ups and downs, and I really do appreciate its support and consistency. I am definitely going to graduate from Stanford OHS as it provides me with everything I wanted from a school, and much, much more.

About Me

I currently live close to Washington D.C. which is where I have lived for exactly half my life. The other half has been spent in the paradise that is Hawaii. I have developed an appreciation of Hawaiian culture throughout the seven years I have lived there, and I continue to perpetuate that culture in my current home, through song and dance. Dancing is a big part of my life; I have been dancing since I was around two years old. I appreciate the fluidity of the movements and I really enjoy performing for others. I also enjoy swimming and its challenging, yet rewarding workouts. I love studying Latin, and the Roman (and Greek) mythology and history that accompanies the language. Mathematics have always interested me, and recently I developed a fascination with cryptography and the math of codes. This year, with a Shakespearean program, I have the opportunity to explore theatre and acting, which is something that I have always wanted to do. I have not decided where exactly I want to go for college or what I want to pursue for a career, but I know that Stanford OHS will help me follow the right path.