Class of 2019
Favorite Subjects
My Interests
Skiing (Alpine and Water)
Norse mythology
Clubs & Organizations
Math Club

What I Love About Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS is a fast-paced school, with dedicated teachers and students who are open and willing to learn. For me, Stanford OHS has been a perfect next step in my academic development, pushing me mentally but still reminding me of how much fun it is to learn about new, interesting topics. The instructors at Stanford OHS are deeply passionate in their respective fields, illuminating the topics deftly and with great skill. Once a year we have the opportunity to fly out to the Stanford University Campus and partake in a two-week long camp. With mini courses and lots of interaction between students this is the perfect way to get to know your peers better. I absolutely loved OHS Summer @ Stanford; I met some amazing people, made and reaffirmed some incredible friendships, and generally had a lot of fun (while still keeping focused on the mini courses). Stanford OHS has many terrific resources to help smooth your academic journey. These include: instructor office hours, the Writing Center and the counselors. Once or twice a week the instructors hold office hours, where you can ask any other questions you might have and engage in slightly more relaxed discussions on certain topics. Another great resource is the Writing Center; this is where I have really improved as a writer. Stanford OHS inspires me to become a better student and explore new ideas.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS provided me with a more rigorous alternative to my previous brick and mortar schools. I was homeschooled till the age of eleven and then I attended first a British boarding school, and then the local private school. Not only did these schools not give me the academic rigor I craved, they also tied me down. My family and I have always travelled widely; it was merely considered part of my homeschool education, learning about and experience new and different cultures. We also have a riverboat on the rivers of France, which we like to spend months at a time traveling on. Stanford OHS gave me the freedom I needed to not only receive a great education but also to continue traveling the world and experiencing new things.

About Me

I am a Dutch/British national based in Switzerland. I love rock music and I am an avid dog/wolf enthusiast. I recently picked up water skiing, as anything to do with boats and being on the water is both comforting and thrilling at the same time. I have a wide interest academically and thus it is hard to predict where I will end up after high school, however I am sure that with Stanford OHS's help I can achieve my goal of being accepted into a great course at a top European university.