Class of 2021
Spokane, WA
United States
Favorite Subjects
Computer Science
My Interests
Clubs & Organizations
Girls Can Code Club

What I Love About Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS's interesting classes, amazing instructors, and highly engaging discussion sessions are just some of the many things I love about the school. Stanford OHS offers a much larger selection of classes than I wouldn't have gotten going anywhere else. Aside from the subjects themselves, I also am always pleasantly surprised by how the instructors will take whatever means necessary to ensure that their students fully understand the subject. They always try to take questions whenever possible, and if there is not enough time in the class to answer all of the questions, the instructors also set up office hours to give extra help to students. Finally, the thing I probably like the most about Stanford OHS is the discussion sections. The discussion sections are super helpful because twice a week or so, we get to hear our other classmates' opinions, whether they have a different view on a passage in a book or have found a shorter way to solve a problem. Regardless of how good the instructors are, there is only so much a teacher can do with one person, but being able to listen to all of my other classmates really helps inspire me. Stanford OHS is an extremely special school, and anyone would be lucky to go here.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I chose Stanford OHS because I felt as though I would have a better education here while still being able to be part of a community. From kindergarten to 5th grade, I went to a private school near my home. Although everyone was accepting of me, after a while I felt as though my potential was being wasted. A lot of the material from previous years was being repeated, and it didn't seem as though I was learning anything new; therefore, the only time I was really able to challenge myself was at home, and even then there wasn't much time to study new things. However, when I was in about 3rd or 4th grade, my parents heard about Stanford OHS, and after checking it out I knew I wanted to go here. It had a wide selection of courses available, and it didn't seem to discriminate against age. On top of this, even though I wouldn't see my classmates in person per se, I was still able to interact with them and 'see' them on a daily basis. Therefore, I applied and got in, and now I never want to leave. I do plan to graduate from Stanford OHS, and so far my time here has been a success. I applied to Stanford OHS because, not only are the academics much more advanced than at my old school, but also because every day I would be able to engage with my interesting instructors and like-minded peers.

About Me

 Outside of Stanford OHS, I play piano, soccer, and code competitively. I think software and computer programming are extremely interesting, and I love to take things apart and put them back together. Although I'm no good at it, I like to paint, draw, and make pottery. After high school, I hope to continue with software engineering, and eventually maybe even start a business. I also hope to continue playing piano, and maybe in a year or two learn the saxophone as well. Finally, I like to listen to music and bake a bit.