Class of 2020
United Arab Emirates
Favorite Subjects
My Interests
Instruments (Violin especially)
Community Service (Boy Scout and First Key)
Sports (Golf
Clubs & Organizations
Math Competition Club

What I Love About Stanford OHS

There are various things that I love about Stanford OHS. Firstly, I love all of the teachers, who are really dedicated to teaching and passionate about their own subjects, which I appreciate. Another thing I really like about Stanford OHS is that I am more engaged in the very welcoming, effective, and refreshing academic environment. The rigorous curriculum ensures that I can be more responsible in managing my education. I also love the fact that Stanford OHS still mirrors brick and mortar schools, as the learning discussions still feel as authentic as an interactive classroom, rather than a lecture, and also allows effective communication with the instructors and my peers. Most of all, as I am on the other side of the world from Stanford, I am glad that I can still access this type of education from Stanford OHS.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

The reason I applied to Stanford OHS was because my former private international school did not offer advanced classes, so I sought another option. Previously, I had taken EPGY courses as well as CTY courses, so Stanford OHS was the ideal solution. In addition, Stanford OHS's flexible schedule allowed me to further pursue my community service work, as well as my passion and dreams for music.

To provide a little background, I met Room to Read founder John Wood in 2008, and volunteered for Room to Read for the last 8 years. This experience challenged and inspired me to do something of my own which involved my passion for music. I have been playing violin also for last 8 years and wanted to utilize my talent as a violinist. While I was volunteering for local schools, I noticed that some schools did not offer a music class. I don’t think I could have lived without music…so it gave me an idea of teaching music and decided to make it an official organization. That is how I started First Key Initiative. Thanks to OHS's flexible schedule, now I am able to volunteer at local schools to tutor instruments and music theory during their school hours which was beneficial for the students.  

About Me

My name is Eljin, and I am 13 years old. Living in Dubai, there are many separate activities which I take part in. Firstly, I go to many different underprivileged schools to tutor music (specifically instruments), as they do not have any music classes there. Doing this, I started an initiative called "First Key Initiative" dedicated to teaching under-privileged children the gift of music. Aside from this, I also play golf at my local golf club, and baseball every year. I am also a part of Boy Scouts, where community service and leadership roles are also included, and I am currently in "First Class". What I hope to pursue beyond Stanford OHS is to become a music composer, more specifically for film, as I have interests in film soundtracks.