David S.

Class of 2018
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Concert Pianist
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History Club
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What I Love About Stanford OHS

The academic environment of Stanford OHS is rich. Each class has a rigorous curriculum, which is executed in a thorough and often enjoyable way. The classroom is engaging: The instructors guide the discussions in an inclusive way, and the students ask probing questions and make comments that are often insightful. Besides being experts in their fields, the instructors at Stanford OHS are passionate about what they are teaching and about Stanford OHS. They are approachable outside of class in office hours to work with and aid the students in their learning process.

Instructors also take an active role in OHS's many Friday clubs. The OHS clubs are incredibly diverse, student-led and instructor-sponsored; almost anyone would be able to find a club that represents an interest of theirs, and if there isn't, you can start your own! Stanford OHS clubs offer the student body an opportunity to interact more closely with their peers and participate more extensively in studying a topic of interest to them. What's more, Stanford OHS has a student government, which arranges online activities, such as movie night and karaoke night, for the student body.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

When I was in 7th grade, I decided that I wanted to become more serious about pursuing a career as a concert pianist, without sacrificing my academics. Thus, my parents and I searched for an institution that would both provide rigorous, challenging, and diverse academics, while also affording me the time I needed to pursue my passion for the piano, music, and performing.  This led us to the Stanford OHS.  Stanford OHS seemed to be a great fit — with excellent teachers who are experts in their fields, an exceptional student body, and a flexible schedule that allowed ample time, if managed properly, for my extra-curricular pursuits. The transition was not easy, but after a few weeks I started to appreciate the online environment and to really enjoy my classes. I have since enjoyed outstanding academics and the opportunity to pursue my work as a developing musician to the fullest.

About Me

My primary and most time-consuming interest outside of school is as a concert pianist.  I also love to read, and especially to write — short stories when I can, and poetry whenever I get a thought or an urge. Outside of school, I like to practice piano, improvise, and compose. I also go skiing whenever possible. I am not sure what my future holds, but I do know that I aspire to be the best I can be, and I am driven by both a passion for the arts and a desire to make the world a better place. I do know that what I do in the future most likely will involve concertizing at the piano, writing poetry and fiction, studying classics, or earning a law degree and running for political office. Perhaps I will be able to find some mosaic of these careers that suits me.