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Leesburg, WA
United States
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What I Love About Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS is an incredibly unique school. Along with my fellow Pixels, I recognize that the education of tomorrow will not be the same as the education of yesterday. The school’s online format pushes the boundaries of education and technology, creating an exceptional learning environment. Attending Stanford OHS, I am on the cutting edge of how education is delivered, and I am honored to be a "Pixel pioneer" in the future of education.

Stanford OHS offers academic rigor, thoughtful instructors, and a community of dedicated learners. The course offerings go beyond that of a traditional brick and mortar school. Stanford OHS instructors create lessons that test your endurance and strength of mind. Classes at Stanford OHS are stimulating, engaging, and fascinating. The combination of excellent instructors and dedicated peers creates a productive learning environment. My teachers continuously motivate, encourage, challenge, and support me. I will have completed my time at Stanford OHS with a sense of grit and gratitude. Stanford OHS is the perfect complement to my active lifestyle and interests. I am thankful to be part of a community of avid learners and supportive friends who celebrate learning inside and outside the classroom.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I applied to Stanford OHS because of the impressive reputation of its students, teachers, curriculum, flexibility, and format. I have had a diverse educational experience: I have attended both public and private brick and mortar schools, and have also participated in online courses. No longer do I have a lengthy daily commute to school, thus allowing more time for focused learning and time to engage in my significant outside pursuits.

Stanford OHS helps me in numerous ways to realize my academic and extracurricular goals. I now have more time to pursue my interests in music and robotics. Perhaps most importantly, Stanford OHS provides me with deep, substantive knowledge in each area of academic study. At Stanford OHS, critical thinking is encouraged and valued – Stanford OHS is an intellectual community where students and teacher relationships are respectful and where the pursuit of knowledge is a paramount value. With its well-designed and well-constructed core curriculum, extraordinary instructors, and vibrant community, Stanford OHS equips me with a solid foundation for a successful future.

About Me

Outside of Stanford OHS, I am a musician, published poet, roboticist, and grantee of the Smart Tech Foundation.

Music has always been an important aspect of my life; I have studied and played piano for more than ten years and am a student of the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. Through this program, I am working towards an Associate Performer’s Diploma and a Teacher’s Diploma with completion prior to high school graduation. Since early childhood, music has played a significant and defining role in my life. I love music because it gives me solace, freedom, and happiness. Through music, I can communicate with others in ways different than speech and writing. The hidden subtleties and complexities of melody, rhythm, and articulation are challenging to master, but are always fascinating. I am grateful to have supportive Stanford OHS teachers and friends who guide me as I grow as a musician. My passion for music will reside in me always.  

Since the 6th grade, I have been a member of a FIRST Robotics Team. My team currently serves as the FIRST Ambassador Team for the Northern Virginia FIRST program. Through my team, I have been fortune to represent Virginia/DC at the FIRST World Festival Championship in 2015. 

In connection with my interest in technology, I have also developed a novel approach for using technology to reduce gun violence, and have been awarded a generous research grant from the Smart Tech Foundation to pursue my innovation. I feel especially honored to have received this grant. Each week I spend hours on this project researching, designing with Autodesk Inventor, prototyping, working on a provisional patent, and discussing my project with experts in the field of gun safety.  Having the time to work on my technology would not have been possible at a traditional brick and mortar school.

At Stanford OHS, I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers, friends, and mentors who model making a difference every day. I owe them a lot! They have helped guide me and deepen my already strong desire to make a positive difference in my community and the world. I look forward to graduating from Stanford OHS in 2019 with the tools to lead a thoughtful and purposeful life.