Class of 2018
Favorite Subjects
History of Science
My Interests
Community Service. Medical History
Clubs & Organizations
Art Club
Math Club
Model United Nations
Robotics Club

What I Love About Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS is a truly unique learning experience, and something that makes it great is the passion of the students and teachers. My first day in class was such a startling experience because never before in my life had I seen a group of students so incredibly interested and engaged in the material. All of my teachers have a genuine interest in the subject they teach and work incredibly hard to ensure that that students are engaging with the material, and this hard work pays off. I have held debates on Social Security in Spanish and discussed the social ramifications of Huckleberry Finn with my classmates. Stanford OHS has given me the opportunity to learn and debate with people who are truly passionate about their classes. This is something that I love and believe is incredibly special. I love being able to truly engage with the subject matter in my classes with classmates who are equally interested in the subject, and teachers that are passionate about the subject that they are teaching. I love that, even outside of class, I can continue to discuss the subject matter with my classmates because they are also interested in the material. 

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I chose Stanford OHS because I was looking for a challenging and engaging academic challenge. I have attended many high level private brick and mortar schools, but still felt that I was not being truly academically challenged. Stanford OHS offered an interesting variety of classes and promised a high level of academic challenge. Another major reason I chose Stanford OHS was because of its excellent language program. I currently study French, Spanish, and Chinese, and Stanford OHS enabled me to study both Spanish and Chinese at a college level of rigor. Stanford OHS also has an incredible club community, and through OHS's club program I have been able to pursue my interests in art, foreign policy, service work, and debate. Stanford OHS has helped me set higher academic goals for myself and pushed me to think deeper about my classes. 

About Me

I am incredibly interested in community service, and fundraise for the Adventure Project. I have been featured multiple times on their website, as I am one of the only high schoolers fundraising for them independently. I have a fairly unique model as I raise money by babysitting and asking families I babysit for to donate to the Adventure Project, rather than paying me personally. I am an avid reader and very interested in current events and foreign policy. I am a member of the OHS Model United Nations (MUN) Club, and recently attended the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference as a member of the OHS delegation. Outside of the OHS MUN Club, I also participate actively in online MUN conferences. I hope to continue with MUN throughout college and eventually pursue a career in the UN. I also love art and music and spend my free time painting and producing music with my friends.