Class of 2020
Newport Beach, CA
United States
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What I Love About Stanford OHS

My first official experience with Stanford OHS was through the Middle School Summer@Stanford, the weeklong residential summer camp in August where I met most of my teachers and quite few of my classmates in person. It has definitely been a highlight of my summers! Not only did I have a blast while learning about Shakespeare and the Renaissance, I started the school year on a positive note and in contact with some wonderful friends. I returned the following summer to learn about the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and can’t wait for the High School Summer@Stanford this year. Graduation Weekend in June was another chance I got to hang out with my OHS friends.

Both of the middle school science classes, Inquiry-Based Physics and Foundations of Science, have been my favorite classes at Stanford OHS. They were both challenging yet fascinating. In addition, I also loved participating in the Middle School Science Bowl, where we met in person as a team to practice on the Stanford campus in preparation to compete in San Jose. It was exhilarating!

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I have been homeschooled since Kindergarten and took some classes at a learning center run by a local charter school. While I made some lasting friendships, the academic content and pace was not quite what I needed. When taking some online classes designed for gifted students, I found the class material much more engaging, but interactions with classmates were lacking. We first learned about OHS when I was taking Stanford’s EPGY math programs in elementary school. Upon further research, the rigorous curriculum and impressive reading list for the Core classes seemed extremely attractive. Despite being an online school, I was pleasantly surprised that Stanford OHS has such an active community for students to interact with like-minded peers. However, because I am only a part time student, I still take language and math classes outside of OHS. With this method, I’ve been enjoying the full benefits of the Stanford OHS academic rigor and community, while still having flexibility to rebalance workload and pursue my interests through the college style scheduling.

About Me

As voracious reader, compulsive doodler and avid daydreamer, I would love to pursue the arts more professionally. I have written and published a couple novels, and my art has exhibited locally. However, I have always possessed great fascination with all areas of science, particularly in chemistry and astronomy. My ideal future would somehow merge all of my passions and still give me plenty of opportunities for creative expression.