Class of 2019
Coal Valley, IL
United States
Favorite Subjects
My Interests
FIgure Skating
Clubs & Organizations
Chinese Club
History Club
Italian Club

What I Love About Stanford OHS

Stanford OHS is unique. Like a magnet, it attracts gifted children to learn, share experiences, and create innovative ideas. I think that Stanford OHS is a combination of great teachers, and an inspiring intellectual and collaborative environment. The school provides access to the rich resources of Stanford University and leading-edge educational technologies, offers rigorous academic programs with an effective logistics system, professional advisors, as well as passionate and knowledgeable peer tutors. It is more than just taking classes. I take mathematics, physics, English, Chinese, and history, and participate in clubs with other students who share similar interests with me. Stanford OHS makes an excellent resource that supports our students’ life-long learning endeavors.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

The choice of the school was a very important decision for our family. I was a homeschooled student when my parents, my sister Anastasia and I sat together and carefully explored the opportunity to join Stanford OHS. We reviewed the catalogue and course offerings, learned from the web site and OHS Ambassadors, compared to other schools, and decided that Stanford OHS was the best choice, second to none. This decision opened the opportunity to push myself academically in a flexible but demanding environment. With this choice, however, came the responsibility to comply with the high academic and ethical standards of the school. And I hope I am able to achieve my ambitious goals and excel in diverse subjects, like history, English literature, or foreign language.

Two additional factors contributed to this choice. First, due to my parents' professional agenda, we often travel overseas. Stanford OHS provides the platform to take classes from anywhere in the world. Second, I had excellent example in front of me. My older sister was an OHS student and it was my dream to join the school as well. Now this dream came true. And the flexibility of my school agenda still allowed me to manage my time and balance further pursuing my goals in figure skating.


About Me

I think that every person is unique. Every person has a special gift that may create something new and help others. It is important to find this “a-ha” and create a vision to lead myself and others to a better future. Learning is the key to this vision.

That is why I study past civilizations and modern cultures and advance in different languages. Having lived in several countries, I speak five languages - English, Russian, French, and Italian, and this is my third year studying Chinese at Stanford OHS. I love mathematics and the beauty of numbers and geometric shapes. I like to write, which makes my English classes very resourceful. Before I joined the school, I published a book with stories about the adventures of a schoolgirl and her dog. But now, with new skills, I would do this quite differently. But I still want to write for the others. I really enjoy figure skating. I started before I was three, and now I compete at the regional level. I am grateful to my Olympic trainer Gene Heffron who helped me find the excitement of music, dance, speed, and character of the sparkling ice.

I have not decided yet what I will do after graduation. I have two more years to study and hope these years at OHS will help me find my “a-ha” moment.