Allison Smith-Estelle

Student(s) in Class of
Red Lodge, MT
United States
neuroscience and teenage brain development

Why We Chose Stanford OHS

Our family travels a lot internationally and we’ve always chosen to live outside of metropolitan areas.  While this lifestyle has been wonderful for accessing adventure and the outdoors, it has been challenging in terms of finding our son the rigorous education he wants.  OHS gives him the intellectual rigor he craves and the time and freedom to pursue other interests.

Advice for Prospective Parents

Help your child learn organizational and time management skills.  These are important life skills for everyone, but I think particularly in a virtual school environment. 

One of My Favorite Things About Stanford OHS Is…

the respect that teachers show for students’ minds, contributions and time.  Students are treated like the young scholars they are, and teachers honor students’ other significant pursuits and passions by cutting out busy work.