Jonathan Weil

Division Head of Core

B.A., M.A., Stanford University

Ph.D., University of Southern California

Dr. Weil earned his B.A. in Philosophy from Stanford University. After playing and teaching drums professionally in Los Angeles for a few years, he returned to Stanford for an M.A. in Philosophy of Science, then went on to earn a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Southern California. His primary interests are metaphysics and the mind, but he is curious about every topic concerning the universe and its inhabitants he has encountered so far. 

Before joining the OHS community, Dr. Weil taught courses at USC on philosophy of mind, early modern philosophy of science, ethics and religion, and philosophical conceptions of love; at the OHS he has taught Methodology of Science: Biology, History and Philosophy of Science, Democracy, Freedom, and the Rule of Law, Critical Reading and Argumentation, and Study of the Mind. He also spends as much free time as possible surfing, drumming, reading, hiking up and riding down mountains.